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Sanitary Bins - Current Legislation

Part of our service to you is to ensure your business complies with all current legislation.

Over the past years more and more legislation has been introduced for the disposal of waste. Employers have a legal duty to ensure that all hazardous waste is disposed of correctly following the Duty of Care procedures.

All of our customers receive a Duty of Care / Waste Transfer Note and this document certifies that your waste is being handled and disposed of in the correct manner. The Waste Transfer Note should describe both in words and by reference to the appropriate European Waste Code, quantity and types of each different waste being transferred. This document is a legal requirement and should be kept for two years.

We securely store your Duty of Care document on our server, this is available on request. We send out a new Duty of Care document each year.

If you have any further questions or would like more information on our sanitary bin legislation please call our experts on 0800 840 6884.


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